Greetings to you all as we enter another holiday season. As the year starts to wane with 2017 just around the corner, I think it is a good time to reflect on this year's Lodge accomplishments and activities. The theme for the year was, " Stretch a little and get out of your comfort zone!" It was a call to all of our members to try new things and allow themselves to participate in new experiences. Several of our Lodge Brothers took this to heart as they headed up activities and introduced other members to new and interesting concepts. All in all, we as a Lodge and as individuals are richer for those experiences. To recall several of those activities this year and the Brothers responsible for their success is easy to do. Through the efforts of Larry Boysen, we were treated with an evening of San Francisco history specifically the once mighty Fox Theater. Another activity featured Ray Ward presenting and describing a precious converted Super 8 film of the GGS 30 golf tournament and dinner of 1976. Through the efforts of a few more Brothers specifically Michael Ramoneda, Irving Sambolin, Ray Zerbib, and Eric Sadler our Lodge was able to host two formal dinner events this year: An educational agape (dinner and educational evening) and a formal Table Lodge with all of the bells and whistles!

On a more casual note, we had members step up to help organize two Bingo Nights this year as well as our yearly Fisherman's Wharf group luncheon at Fisherman's Grotto #9. Not all of our activities required our members to prepare in advance. For example, just last month we were treated to a Bethel Job's Daughters special presentation that included complex ritual and floor work performed by the girls. During that same month, we had the opportunity to go out to the ball park and watch the Giants play baseball from our cool club level seats!

This year we had other Lodge brothers like Dave Walda, P.M., Eric Sadler, Jim Poulos, and Hank Dosdorian, P.M. play key roles in the 50 year Golden Veteran presentations for three of our qualifying brethren. This work included organizing, rehearsing, and in one case driving a distance to the brother's home to perform the ceremony. Earlier this year, Brothers Don McKinsey and Gordon Whiteside, P.M. joined me and a couple other members for a Lodge visit to San Leandro Lodge for the purpose of presenting a beautiful plaque of appreciation to our well liked and respected inspector, Br. Arnie Tabinas, P.M.

This Summer we enjoyed our Lodge picnic in South San Francisco's Orange Park thanks to the planning efforts of Glenn Whiteside, P.M., Luis Martinez, P.M. and Ray Zerbib among others. We also recognized our Mason of the Year, Hank Dosdorian, P.M. with a wonderfully planned dinner and plaque presentation ceremony.

What is a Masonic Lodge without degree conferrals right? We had a few Brothers step up in roles and practice hard to deliver quality ritual and floorwork for the benfit of our newly initiated Brethren. A special thank you goes out to Carl Zwanzig and Vrej Mekhalian, P.M. for filling in so nicely in their important roles. I also want to take this moment to thank two of our officers again but for something different this time. Jim Poulos and Don McKinsey took it upon themselves to sand, prime and paint our Deacon Rods as well as polish and solder as necessary our Officer Jewels. Thank you for taking the initiative on these projects!

Our Lodge has spent the last several years planning, organizing, and conducting many Masonic Educational Forums. We do so many of these forums that we have become known as an Educational Lodge with a Lodge culture steeped in Masonic learning. I am very proud of this because Masonic organizations should constantly shed and spread the light of Masonic knowledge! To this end, we have hosted seven forums this year and over 15 of them in the last three years alone! I thank all of the Brothers who have played a role in each of these events over the years.

As the year comes closer to the end, I want to alert everyone to the final two Lodge hosted events. The first will be on the weekend of November 12th-13th, when a group of us will go to Yosemite and Hearst Castle on a bus tour and November 18th, when a contingent of Lodge Brothers will go to Oakland to participate in a wonderful Prince Hall Third Degree Raising complete with a collation/dinner. Lastly, the biggest thanks goes to Anne, my wife, who has made countless meals for our Lodge Brothers and their family members over the past four years. The thing I remember the most is that Anne would make a home cooked dinner for every Brother prior to his degree conferral and cook only the food that he liked most! Can you believe that?

Yep, we did an awful lot this year as a Lodge and I have been honored and proud to be the Master of Golden Gate Speranza #30 for these past two years. What a ride it has been!

Take care everyone!

Ed Sadler
Master, GGS #30