What is a mason? As the newest junior deacon I must know how to recognize masons at the door after the tiler’s examination. I wonder sometimes how to respond to someone who asks how do you recognize a mason. I hope to say, by being a man set apart, not by entitlement, but by humility and by his deep concern for humanity.

Some of you are the Lodge’s friend on Facebook® or FB, and have started to see more posts regarding what is a mason and what is masonry. This is an effort to attract not only men, but overall activity to our page, therefore, to compel men specifically in search of masonry to seek out our Lodge. For a series of posts on this topic, the old masonic catch phrase slash acronym was adopted, 2B1ASK1, and a hashtag was added. Of course, there are a few other masons and lodges posting to this hashtag. However, our posts will not get lost in their number.

For those of you less internet media savvy, a “hashtag” is a catch word or phrase that, using the number sign or hashtag in front, such as #2B1ASK1, enables us to find everything that is posted under that “hashtag” by clicking on it within many of the online or phone apps, especially Facebook, Twitter®, and Instagram®. It’s mind-boggling to see all the posts. Sometimes a word may bring more than a million hits! Activity on our public FB page increased about 200%. One of our posts regarding our library, thanks to Brother Rocky Burley’s FB presence, received over 43 views. We hope this will increase the activity inside our Lodge.

My Brother Raymond Ward at our recent installation presented me with an old masonic print. It had been given to him as a young master mason, and he prepares to receive his 50-year pin very shortly. I dearly thank our brother for this generous gift and for his support and attendance at all my degrees. That’s what brothers are for. As junior deacon this year, I hope to welcome you all through our doors at one time or another, my brothers. Come support one another.

Brother Raymond’s masonic print reads... “A mason is a man and a brother whose trust is in God. He meets you on the level, and acts upon the square. Truth is his compass and he is ever plumb. He has a true grip on all that is rite. He is loyal to his order and whatever his degree he is master of himself. In the lodge of life he wears unstained the white lambskin of innocence. From his initiation as an entered apprentice he travels ever east toward the light of wisdom until he receives the final, the divine password that admits him into the ineffable presence of the eternal Supreme Grand Master of the Universe.”

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Brother Irving