Where did the year go? I just went to a stated meeting in 2016 and here it is 2017. 

We will have a new format for 2017. Starting in January everyone has to make a reservation for DINNERS and other EVENTS. As you know you cannot get a dinner for $5.00 anywhere else. We all enjoy the meals we receive at Lodge. These dinners cost the Lodge about $20.00 per person. From now on if you don’t make a reservation you will have to wait until everybody is served to make sure there is enough food to go around. At times we have had some of our brothers go without a dinner because someone else who did not make a reservation enjoyed his food. Fair warning brothers, no reservation, no dinner.

On the 24th of January we will enjoy a CRAB DINNER. In addition to the crab there will be a salad and pasta dish. The crab is cooked, cleaned and cracked, all for just $10.00 per person (limit of four). Where else can you get a deal like this?

But, remember, no reservations, no crab dinner.
The number for reservations is in the bulletin.

Henry Dosdorian, Jr., P.M.