Welcome back!  I hope that these last few weeks away from Lodge have been rejuvenating, and that you’re re-energized for an eventful year.  We have a lot planned: great meals, festive celebrations, fun for the family, and opportunities to labor in the quarries with the Brethren of our Lodge.  Ambitious plans rely on dedicated effort, and we need your support to make this year a success!  Reach out to the officers of our Lodge to find out how you can help with our activities this year.



Please join us January 3rd for a delicious pork chop dinner, followed by our monthly Stated Meeting.  We’ll be reveling in seafood on January 24th during our crab feed, complete with salad and pasta.  Call Annie at the number provided to make reservations.  Please be sure to note that food may not be available if you’ve not made reservations by the deadline.  As always, we’ll be serving hearty refreshments before we begin our labor on the remaining Tuesdays of the month.  Even if you’re not interested in Masonic Education or degree practices, you can still contribute to our mission of fostering Brotherly Love by joining us for fellowship over dinner.


Masonic Education

I’m pleased to note that we have Masonic Education activities scheduled for eleven of these next twelve months.  After experimenting with several formats these last few years, our very successful Masonic Education Forums have been re-dubbed our “Lodges of Education.”  You can expect a satisfying meal and lively conversation as various Brethren present on diverse topics of Masonic interest.  You can join us for this year’s first Lodge of Education on January 31.  Please contact me if you’re interested in presenting on any topic of Masonic interest — all of our Brethren have something unique to contribute, and we welcome the opportunity to bask in whatever Light you offer.


Table Lodges

In addition to our Lodges of Education, we will also be hosting quarterly Table Lodges in celebration of our Craft and in furtherance of our Masonic knowledge.  As with last year’s well-loved Table Lodge, we’ll enjoy fabulous food, rousing toasts (as well as a commemorative toasting cannon), thought-provoking readings of Masonic interest, and jovial fellowship.  Our Spring Table Lodge is scheduled for March 21.  Be sure to save that date on your calendar and make reservations as soon as possible.


Lodge App

I’m also pleased to report that our Lodge now has a smart-phone app to improve communication among our members.  Our new app is available free of charge, and allows our members to post articles, information, and pictures, RSVP for events, and send messages to other members.  Please contact me if you’d like to learn how to add this app to your Android or Apple cell phone.  This is a fantastic tool for staying plugged in to our Lodge!

I’m really looking forward to the activities that we have scheduled this year, and to the opportunity to work alongside the great friends I’m proud to call Brethren.  Take care, and we’ll see you soon on a Tuesday evening.


Michael Ramoneda
Junior Warden