This is an article that was written in 1972 by a Mason who is no longer with us.

Many years ago the king of a very small country decided to reward one of his subjects (who we will call Sam) for a favor that had been done for him. To show his appreciation the king decided to give Sam all the land he could walk around from sunrise to sunset. It was all arranged and at sunup the race against the clock began. After walking for a few hours Sam passed the house of a friend whose wife had died just a few days earlier. This friend wanted Sam to stop and talk for a while for he was very lonely, Sam said he had no time now but would return tomorrow when he was not as rushed and with that he sped away on foot to cover the beloved ground he wanted to acquire.

At about high twelve, when Sam would normally rest and refresh himself our friend decided he did not want to spare the time, and anyway he could rest and eat during the evening hours, so he stepped up his pace.

Later on in this day Sam passed a wagon that had overturned, the farmer asked for help but Sam explained he had no time now but would send someone to help him for the day would soon be over and much land had to be covered before dark, and again he sped off
Just as the sun stared to set our friend returned to the starting point where the king was waiting and with his last bit of energy Sam stood up in front of the king and then . . . fell dead at his feet. With this the king looked down at Sam and said, “Six feet of land is all he will ever need now.”

Because we live in a world where we keep up a very fast pace maybe now is the time for each one of us to stop and ask where am I going, how will I get there, and what do I want to do along the way?

Brethren, are you running around like Sam? Why not attend Lodge, meet the new members and enjoy a fine meal but remember reservations are a must!!!

Henry Dosdorian